5Things - Hochzeits, Wedding Edition Vol.2


5Things - Hochzeits, Wedding Edition Vol.2 


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Standards: Microsoft DV AVI Pal (720x576 25fps)


Wedding Edition Vol 2

  • "A comprehensive collection that should not be missing any wedding producers."Perfect quality This special edition includes an extensive collection that should not be missing any wedding producers. Extraordinary pictures by renowned videographer, set with a high degree of quality in the limelight. With much attention to detail, this material was compiled and guarantees optimal conditions for a successful production.DVD layouts in a total of 20 categories presented this volume, seven different, thematically matching clips. The perfect mix of moving images and stills provide the necessary tension in the audience.Arrange with 5things DVD layouts such as the main menu, chapter menu and bonus menu. Transitional clips that lead harmoniously viewers from one menu to another round, while their DVD production professionally. High-resolution photos to the various topics fit, are these special edition with high-resolution photos that you can use for example for printouts. They thus make CD inlay cards, DVD or VHS covers. The high resolution photos of the guaranteed perfect print quality and, together with the footage a unit. bonus materialquality bonus material give this special edition, a special note. Material in the many wedding productions is used and missing in an extensive video archive collection should not. fireworks With a length of over 3 minutes is the perfect fireworks guy. The culmination of each film -. Like a big-budget movie raytracinga außergewhönlichen touch you get with the use of 5things 3D models, such as wedding rings and animated 3D logos.




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